Crewe Alexandra To Get Pre Season Matches

For the fans of Crewe Alexandra the question is what would seem to be a good season for the team in League two.

The last season or the one that is ending has been tough for the team. They might want to forget the season they played in 2015-2016. The season proved to be disastrous and there were several reasons for the same.

With league two in 2016-17, many are wondering what would be good for the team. The board of the team has announced that Steve Davis would have a future that is being questioned if the start of the next season would be similar to the last one. Indeed, their past three campaigns have left much to be desired. Steve Davis on the other hand, is banking on a pre season program. He feels that necessary tests for the team will be provided in such a program. Crewe Alexandra would be facing the team of Wolverhampton Wanderers as a pre season match. Steve Davis is confident that this pre season match is what his players need to spruce up their skills for the season coming up.

The first batch of five friendly matches would be played by the team in the pre season time. They will also be having another game before the Football League comes on. Davis is keen to get his side to play teams which are part of the Football League pyramid. They have only faced non league opponent teams in the lead up time for the last season. Crewe feels that it will certainly make a difference. As the board of the team wants to see better performance in the season coming up, Davis needs to get his strategies right accordingly. How he spruces up the players would be crucial for the team as well as for his future