Green Looking Forward To Playing Well Enough To Warrant A New Contract

The experienced and influential midfielder of Crew Alexandra Paul Green is hoping to give sufficient contribution in the next half of the season in order to warrant a new contract in May.  Green suffered a knee injury after his game in August and is ready for a fresh comeback by engaging in his first game since August for the clubs Under 23s in the upcoming week. The head, David Artell openly talked about how much they have lost on the valuable experience of the midfielder in the engine room which was around 35 years old.

What brought Paul Green back is his unfailing determination and the excellent work of the club’s medical team. His return in the forthcoming year will be a kick start to the entire club members and fans. Green was seen excelling in the second half of the previous season as a late run from the club and eased away from trouble and winded up in the relative comfort of the mid-table. Green told the watching matches each day instead of playing as a part of the team. He says that first; he has to ensure that he is alright and then get back to playing as soon as possible.

He also says that when he was injured, he constantly kept thinking to himself about being there in Christmas period and New Year and thereafter. Green says that primarily he has to make sure that he is fit and ready to go and once that is done, he is aiming to play exceptionally well to warrant the offer of a new contract.  Furthermore, he talked about doing the job one loves and also said that there are not many people who could say that he/she is enjoying the job they are doing and they will consistently keep doing it.